Warranty Replacement Policy

The below text describes the replacement procedure broken down by brand names that are sold by Planet Ozi Pty Ltd. Currently we only provide TP Link Hardware, as such these are the only documented return policies, however as more hardware vendors are added this document will be expanded.

TP-LINK Hardware

All new TP-LINK routers come with 3 years manufacture warranty.

Step 1: Contact TP-LINK on 1300 875 465.  They will run through some remote troubleshooting and if they are unable to fix the issue, they will provide you with a case number.

Step 2:  Send the faulty unit along with the power adapter ONLY.  Please include the TP-LINK case number and your contact details as well.  Post the unit to:

Planet Ozi
RA Department
PO Box 41
Liverpool NSW 1871

Step3: Once the defective product is received, we will send back a replacement router and inform the customer of the tracking number. The warranty period shall not be extended and is to be calculated from the product's original purchasing date.

Note: Customer is responsible for the shipping fee in Step 3. If purchase cannot be verified, the warranty period shall be calculated 3 years from the product's manufacturing date. The first three digits of the Serial Number (SN) represent the manufacturing date (year and month). For example "121" represents the year of 2012 (12) and month of January (1). "12A" represents the year of 2012 (10) and month of October (A). (B) represents the month of November and (C) represents the month of December. The warranty period ends on the last day of the 3rd year.

  1. Warranty service stated above is only valid for products sold by Planet Ozi Pty Ltd.
  2. Any direct or indirect damage to the product is not covered by warranty.