Domain Policy

Domain name hosting services are provided to give customers control over their domain names. These registered domain names are delegated to Planet Ozi Hosting DNS servers so they can be used by everyone on the Internet. Customers can create A, CNAME, MX and TXT records that point to services within their domain.

Domain Name Hosting and Domain Name Redirection services can only be provided by Planet Ozi for a domain name which the Customer has already registered. The annual or monthly subscription fee for the Customer’s domain name hosting service will be as advertised online by clicking here.

Domain Email hosting provides the customer the ability to manage email addresses within their domain name via the Domain Management System. Domain Email hosting is provided for free to customers with Planet Ozi Domain Name Hosting, the only limitation is the number of active email addresses within the hosted domain name. Additional email addresses can be obtained at any time by upgrading your plan.

Website Hosting

Enables a Customer’s website to be uploaded onto Planet Ozi's servers where it can be accessed by everyone on the Internet via HTTP. Planet Ozi offers a range of website hosting plans, based on the size of the web space storage, active email addresses and databases required by the customer.

  1. Where Planet Ozi have not been contracted to do the design and publication of the wesbite, then the designing and uploading the website onto the web space provided by Planet Ozi is the Customer’s sole responsibility.
  2. The annual subscription fee for the Customer’s web hosting plan will be as advertised online on our website at time of order.
  3. Changing plans is permitted to any plan available on our website at any time. The plan change will create a pro-rata invoice for the difference of the selected plans.
Additional Website Hosting Services

Additional Planet Ozi website hosting services, such as support for particular database programs and secure server hosting, are available as advertised online.The annual or monthly subscription price for an additional website hosting service will be as advertised online, any selected extra website hosting services will continue to be billed either monthly or annually at the rate the customer selected at the time of order.


Applicable setup or administration fees are as advertised for the customer’s plan online at the time of registration, and are charged at the time the customer’s order is processed.

Subscription Fees
  1. Subscription fees for Planet Ozi web and domain services are billed monthly or annually in advance, and are non-refundable, even if the Customer does not make use of the service, or terminates the service before the end of their billing year.
  2. The customer's billing cycle begins when their service is activated, regardless of when the customer starts to use it.
  3. One week before the end of a billing cycle, the customer’s plan will automatically renew, and the following year’s subscription fee will be charged. Non-payment of subscription fees will result in the customer’s service being suspended or terminated. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the account is paid prior to the end of a billing year.
Pricing or Plan Changes
  1. Planet Ozi may change the range of services it offers or the specifications of its service plans at any time without notice to the Customer.
  2. Setup and subscription fees are subject to change at any time without notice to the customer, but new prices will not be applied retroactively, so once the customer has been invoiced their annual subscription fee, they will not be charged any extra subscription fees during that billing year.
  3. Plan upgrades are permitted at any time during the billing cycle, a pro-rata invoice for the difference in service will be created.
  4. Plan downgrades are permitted at any time during the billing cycle with no downgrade charge applicable, however the pro-rata difference between the two plans is forfeited. At the beginning of the next billing cycle the customer will be charged at the new rate.
Payment Options

Initial charge for Planet Ozi web and domain services are payable by credit card or direct debit only unless;

  • the service is billed to an existing customer’s account where another service is currently paid for in another manner
  • the customer contacts us prior to ordering the service to arrange another payment method
  • Planet Ozi reserves the right to charge a $2 administration charge to any manual (non automatic) payment types, such as BPay or EFT

Accepted automatic payments include; credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and direct debit from your nominated Australian bank account.

Misuse of service

  1. Planet Ozi reserves the right to suspend or terminate without notice any customer’s account involved in offensive and/or illegal activities under State and/or Federal laws. In such a case the relevant law enforcement agency(ies) will be notified and, where possible, offending material(s) passed on.
  2. Planet Ozi services may not be resold or rented out to a third party without the express written consent of Planet Ozi. Planet Ozi reserves the right to suspend or terminate a customer’s services if it has reason to believe any of the customer’s services have been resold or rented to a third party.
  3. Planet Ozi reserves the right to suspend without notice any customer’s account involved in the misuse of our network or services, where the misuse is to the detriment of other Planet Ozi users. This includes but is not limited to email abuse, spamming, mass emailing, network scanning, hosting a network or email virus, hosting a phishing site and causing blacklisting by other service providers.

Cancelling the Service

The service must be cancelled by notice in writing or it will continue to renew automatically and the customer will continue to be charged for such renewals. Where the customer delegates the service to another provider, it is still the customer’s responsibility to advise Planet Ozi of this and cancel their service.

  1. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that Planet Ozi has received their written cancellation notice at least 30 days before the service expires
  2. The written cancellation notice must specify which service is to be terminated and must contain the customer’s personal account details, including: The account username or Account Number, the account password and the customer’s name, address and telephone number
  3. If the Customer cancels their service during their first billing cycle, none of the subscription fee will be refunded.


  1. It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep the means of access to their domain name hosting/web hosting account secure, including their registry key and all usernames and passwords.
  2. The Customer’s domain name hosting and/or web hosting services are able to be altered by a person with access to the Customer’s registry key, username or password, and Planet Ozi will not be liable for any unauthorized changes to the customer’s domain name hosting service, web hosting service or website, or any resulting damages, if the changes were made or requested by use of the customer’s username, password, registry key or other private account details.