Complaints Policy

Making and Lodging a Complaint

Planet Ozi aim to provide a positive experience to all our existing and new customers, when you speak to us while using our service. If any customer who uses our service or product did not meet your expectations, we want to know about it. Making a complaint to Planet Ozi is very easy. You can make the complaint by telephone, email, fax, letter, See below for contact details:


Complaints can be lodged online by clicking here, and selecting Complaints from the Enquiry Type drop down box. Please ensure you include the minimum details below when lodging your request.

Fax / Phone

Please ensure that if contacting us by phone you also send us a written copy of your complaint to our email address ( or faxed to 1300 858 212. For security purposes complaints cannot be solely taken over the telephone but we will endeavour to resolve any issues you may have.


Complaints may be posted to our office, please ensure that when posting a complaint that you include the minimum details below. To direct your response to the correct department please ensure it is addressed to;

Planet Ozi
Complaints Department
Po Box 41
Liverpool NSW 1871

Minimum Information Required when Making a Complaint

Customers should list the following when a complaint;

Full Name
Account Number
Contact Phone Number
Current Email Address (if applicable)
Complaint Details; All information pertaining to the complaint i.e. service downtime dates, recurrences or failures.
Documentation Provided to you by Planet Ozi relating to your complaint (if applicable)
Details of prior contact with Planet Ozi regarding the complaint including names of customer service representatives previously dealt with.

What are customers rights when making a complaint?

You as a customer have the right to;

Lodge a complaint, and where required, seek assistance to lodge it at no charge from Planet Ozi;
Once your complaint is received and dealt with in a fair, open, efficient and courteous manner;
Have information identified by you as confidential, treated as confidential by Planet Ozi;
Seek your own legal advice;
Lodge a complaint yourself or utilise an authorised representative to act on your behalf. If lodging a compliant via an authorised representative this must be completed prior to lodging the complaint;
Be informed of Planet Ozi’s response and the intention for this response; and
Provide directly relevant material in support of the complaint.

Responsiveness by Planet Ozi

When lodging a complaint, Planet Ozi will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 24-48 within weekday’s business hours. The acknowledgement may be attempted by a phone call from our staff members or in writing from Planet Ozi’s compliance officer. If the complaint is submitted via our website, the customer will also be given a Complaint Ticket Number.

Planet Ozi will aim to resolve all complaints within seven working days from the date of the very first day of the acknowledgment. If any complaints require further investigation this will require further time and it could take up to 21 business days. Customer will be notified by Planet Ozi representative to advise customers that this case is taking little longer than usual due to any valid reasons.

Making an Enquiry on a Complaint's Progress

Customers may enquire on the progress of a complaint at any time by replying to the email received at the time of lodging the complaint or by calling Planet Ozi on 1300 65 08 65 during business hours and providing Complaint reference number.

Outcome of a Complaint

Planet Ozi will advise customers either by phone or in writing of the outcome of their complaint.

Urgent Complaints

Your complaint will be treated as urgent;

if you have applied for being in financial hardship under our Financial Hardship Policy and the issue you are complaining about directly contributes to the Financial Hardship you are experiencing, or
if your service has been disconnected or is about to be disconnected and due process has not been followed

In this case we will agree with you on how to address the issue and implement all required actions to fix the issue within 2 working days. If there is a delay, we will explain why, provide you with a new expected time-frame, and if it is a longer delay also inform you about your options for external dispute resolution such as the TIO.

Escalating a Complaint

Should a customer is still unhappy with the outcome of their complaint after following the above process; they can contact the TIO “Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman” for independent mediation. Below are the methods can be used to contact TIO:

Telephone: 1800 062 058
Fax: 1800 630 614
Web Form:

Planet Ozi would consider TIO the last station where an issue can be resolved in the interest of both parties. Alternatively you can contact the Office of Fair Trading in your state or territory.