Billing Period Policy

Billing Periods

When you create your account with us, the account creation date will become your anniversary date. This is the date that you will receive your invoices each month, and most services will be aligned to this date.

For example, if you have an existing account with us and the anniversary date is the 9th, and you add an NBN service which is activated on the 20th JAN 2018. Then in February, you will receive a pro-rata charge from the 9th JAN 2018 - 20th JAN 2018. You will only pay for the days that the service has been active, not the unused time.

Some services, such as Domain Registrations however are charged differently and have set registration dates. We cannot pro-rate these charges as the dates are set by the Domain Registrar themselves so these are passed on and will be issued on the dates that the domain falls due.

Billing in advance

As per our terms and conditions, all our recurring charge services are charged by default 1 month in advance, some services such as Email Forwarding are required to be paid 3 months in advance, and others such as Domain Hosting we provide discounts for paying yearly in advance.

Call charges and other usage charges are charged in arrears, so for example on your VoIP or Land Line service, if you receive an invoice on the 9th JAN 2018, this will contain your call charges from the 9 DEC 2017 - 8 JAN 2018, as well as the recurring charges from the 9 JAN 2018 - 8 FEB 2018.

We provide a summary on the front page invoice displaying which services accumulated which charges, as well as a detailed invoice breakdown on subsequent pages. Where usage charges (such as calls) are included in your summary, we will break these down onto additional pages per charge for you. You can also access this information from the Customer Access Toolkit at any time, using your CAT username and password.

Changing Plans and Adding Services

When you change a plan, we will action that either from the date of the request, or a future date should this be required or requested. When the plan change comes into affect, our billing system will generally issue a pro-rata invoice crediting you back for the unused time at the old rate, and charging from the change date at the new rate.

For example, if your billing period is the 31st and you change from Plan 1 ($30.00) to Plan 2 ($60.00), you will get the following items on your next invoice and the effective plan change date was the 20th you would see something like the following on your next invoice;

Plan 1 (20/02/2018 - 28/02/2018) $9.64 CR
Plan 2 (20/02/2018 - 28/02/2018) $19.29
Plan 2 (1/03/2018 - 31/03/2018) $60.00

Total Due: $69.65

The first line shows the credit for the unused time on the first plan which has already been charged, the second line is a charge at the new rate providing a pro-rata period, and the third charge is for the following month in advance.

Direct Debits

Where an account is set to direct debit, by default this will occur on or slightly after the due date. The due date is set to 14 days after the invoice issue date, so if there is a slight delay in producing your invoice (such as a public holiday, or a weekend) you will always have a minimum of 14 days to contact us before a direct debit is submitted.

If you need to contact us to suspend or change your direct debit details, please contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange this for you.

Queries Regarding Invoices

We provide contact details on our all invoices, please contact us directly and as soon as possible if you have any queries regarding the amount or line items on your invoice. All emails are dispatched from email addresses that are monitored by our ticketing system.

We also have a Financial Hardship Policy, if you are suffering from financial hardship please contact us so we can arrange credit management facilities to reduce your financial strain and work with you with any amounts owing. You can view this policy anytime here.